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Test Drive Meme

The Central Library
Test Drive Meme

You are in The Central Library… anything can happen here. In fact, the possible can become actuality while you stay here. Things are always changing. Some for the better, some for the worst… it really all depends on one thing. You.

Take a look around, visit the worlds through the book portals, and slowly bring it back to life. The more you do, the better life will get. But be wary, not everything is a fun story and not everything is harmless. Sometimes you will have your life at stake and others you will simply have to enjoy your stay.

You can use RNG to pick a scenario below… or you can pick your own! Whatever delights your fancy and makes you feel at home within the walls of The Central Library.

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1.  Arrival – You wake up in the main hall. The reception desk is behind you and you know you heard someone whispering “Save us” in your ear… but where are you? The hall gleams and there are many doors amongst the shelves of books. It is rather huge and a walkway circles a second floor… where are you? Well… you might want to ask.

2.      2.  Market Place – The Central Library has turned the large conference room into an open gateway to a market place. It shifts and changes along with the Library, but food is always available to those living there as long as the portal is open.  But for the rest….

Did someone count three bricks up and two across, and then tap them three times?  Someone in the Library must have stumbled on that combination since the portal has opened up to Diagon Alley.  Enjoy your visit to a truly magical shopping destination but remember not to be too obvious if you’re a Muggle!

3.  Gotta Catch'em All! In... Space? - Pokemon are wonderful pets and companions used to help around the house or in battling competitions. Their uses are endless! But... it seems they have managed to escape from their world and end up in the most unlikely of places. In space. The Enterprise is over run and the crew is trying really hard to round them up. Not to mention the mass infestation on the Deathstar. But their hosts are not so kind. As guests of the Library, you are armed with a fully detailed Pokedex and multiple pokeballs guaranteed to catch what you aim for. But be careful. Don't get caught yourself!


4. Non-Fiction Immersion – Under the sea… well, not quite.  Notice the strange puddles and ponds that ‘decorate’ the Library floors.  They’re now habitats for the Library’s new aquatic unwelcome guests.  Octopi, alligators, kraken, seals and many other water-loving creatures can be found in and near these water hazards.  Watch out for random flying fish; they hurt if they hit you.


5. Fiction Invasion – Sometimes things slip through. Little things or big things. After all, monsters do hide in the dark corners and in some sections of the grand structure. But this time… the problem is small, small size that is. Pixies have invaded. They are troublesome things… they love to cause problems and make life a little miserable. You need to catch them before they steal you blind… and possibly cause you too much mischief. You may need a net… but please, try not to kill them.

6. Cleaning is Necessary – You are stuck here, you might want to make it home. Being in such disrepair, it needs a little love and care. I’m sure the janitor’s closets have some tools… Ones that have a life of their own they are rather testy about where they go and the cleaning supplies have a life of their own.  (Think The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the servants in Beauty and the Beast).

7. A posse ad esse – Anything is possible. This is your Wild Card. Have fun with it!

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Will Stanton | Dark is Rising Sequence

[personal profile] lightbranded 2017-01-14 04:46 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Arrival:
Will was no stranger to suddenly finding himself in new places and times. When one was not properly a part of time, such things could only be expected.

It was a bit odd that he had found his way to a library this time, but there were many strange things hidden even in the lost places of the world. It wasn't impossible that he had been sent here to complete some task.

"But... it was over," he says miserably. "There should have been no reason for this."

He could only assume that something had gone terribly wrong.

4. Non-Fiction Immersion

Will was careful not to be too close to the pools. He knew well the dangers of the sea, and knew better than to assume that these were any less harmful.

But it was fascinating in its own way. He stretches out on the floor near one of the pools and simply watches. Occasionally he laughs as he ducks a fish flying over head.
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