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The Fall Holiday Test Drive

The Fall Holiday Test Drive Meme

You are in The Central Library… anything can happen here. In fact, the possible can become actuality while you stay here. Things are always changing. Some for the better, some for the worst… it really all depends on one thing. You. For this Test Drive the patrons will be seeing some new faces while preparing for the Fall Holiday. This means that friends and family from home and new friends from new worlds will be arriving to help celebrate the beginning of the Holiday season.  (Holiday options are marked with festive holiday colored text).

Take a look around, visit the worlds through the book portals, and slowly bring it back to life. The more you do, the better life will get. But be wary, not everything is a fun story and not everything is harmless. Sometimes you will have your life at stake and others you will simply have to enjoy your stay.

1. Arrival – You wake up in the main hall. The reception desk is behind you and you know you heard someone whispering “Save us” in your ear… but where are you? The hall gleams and there are many doors amongst the shelves of books. It is rather huge and a walkway circles a second floor… where are you? Well… you might want to ask.

2. Market Place – The Central Library has turned the large conference room into an open gateway to a market place. It shifts and changes along with the Library, but food is always available to those living there as long as the portal is open. Step into a Parisian market of modern day, an open market of the Dark Ages, or even a trading post in the Old West. Go shopping, take a stroll… your imagination is your only limit.

3. Attack of the TurDuckEns - Normally this unique holiday tradition is something that is eaten for the Thanksgiving Holidays. In the Library the potential main dish is more lively than what is found in the average supermarket. Here the TurDuckEn is a hybrid of the three birds and the creatures are trying to turn the Library into their new home. Wrangle the creatures back in their book before they become permanent residents.

4. Winter Weather Warning (Non-Fiction Immersion) - One of the things many holiday travelers dread it unpredictable weather that can sideline their plans. This time the weather has settled in the workshop. Rain, snow, hail... all the unpredictable winter weather that can make traveling hazardous can make an appearance over the coming week. Find the right book to ensure that the Library has a more welcoming forecast for the holiday meal.

5. Potluck - It's time for the patrons of the Library to come together to visit and to celebrate their successes. Any great meal needs some prep work. With this option, the patrons and those who have wandered into the Library can visit while whipping up their favorite recipes for the upcoming feast.

6. Eat me! Drink Me! - A few surprises from Wonderland still linger in the Library. Patrons may find trays of fancy cakes decorated in fall colors or punch bowls filled with tasty looking drink. Be careful when if you decide to try these tasty treats. Patrons may find themselves growing taller or smaller. Or sprouting feathers. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities mixed into these Wonderland delicacies.

7.  A posse ad esse – Anything is possible. This is your Wild Card. Have fun with it!

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Clara is out on a mission today. That mission is to find and close the book that is making it snow. She's pulled on a coat over her black skirt, leggings and red sweater shirt, and is trying to push her way through the snow storm. It has to be here somewhere.

When it suddenly stops, she jumped a bit, surprised, eyes wide and looking around. "Hello?" She called, because someone else must be around here to have done it. She heard the comment, about taking her from him, and the anger in his thick accented voice. Stop hiding? Come get him?

That could only be one person. Her Doctor. "Doctor?" At a sudden run, she cornered a row of books and saw him, in that damn perfect coat and the angriest eyebrows around.

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The Doctor froze. That voice....no this was too cruel. Too close and too soon. Whoever had brought him here wanted him to hurt so deeply that he wouldn't be able to keep his promise. He turned slowly to face her and saw. "Clara," he said his voice cracking, "no....it can't be you...it can't. This is a cruel joke."

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To her it wasn't cruel at all, it was about damn time! She came running up, but at his words she started to stall a bit, slowing down and looking at him like he was mad. Maybe she's been gone a while for him. It's been months after all. Maybe he thought she had disappeared?

"It's me." She said, surprised, stopping short in the middle of a small patch of snow. looking up at him with a surprised look, then a sudden smile. "You're late!"
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He just looked at her, drank her in like a thirsty man who had been dying for a drink. "Clara Oswin Oswald," he finally said, "I'm a time traveler," he says sharply, "by that logic I'm never on time." He manages a smile for her though. "Where have you been then? Where am I?" His tone is wary, but there is a sadness there too.

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She sees the sadness. Had she been gone that long? Longer maybe? He was a time traveler, so she shouldn't have been gone, right? But here he was, looking sad. She stepped closer, a crunch of snow under her boots, a curious look on her face. "Have you been looking for me?" She asked, a bit hopeful. Did he know she was missing at all? She asked herself that a lot. Had he been looking? Something inside hoped he had. "This is the Library. A place of worlds. They asked or some help so here I have been. I assumed they'd have asked you ages ago."
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"They may have done," The Doctor replied softly, "not that I listen after all. Too much to do, too much to see.too many worlds and people to save." He stands looking at her again and finally he gives into the urge reaching out to swoop her up into a hug. "Oh my Impossible Girl," he says, "I missed you so."

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"That doesn't seem like the Doctor I know." She said with a smile. "If someone asks for help, you go and help. It's one of those 'too much to do' things, generally." So she figures something else has been up. Little does she know, she's been traveling with him, so there is no reason for him to look for her at all. She hasn't been missing for him.

When he pulls her into a hug so fast though, drawing her into his arms and calling her the Impossible girl, and that he missed her, she felt something go cold in her belly, dread or worry. He wasn't a hugger, this face. She hugged back, arms around his middle now, feeling a bit off kilter. "I've missed you too. It's been a few months, maybe? Time is weird here. You should feel comfortable in that. Still... my Clever Boy, I've missed you too."

Still in the hug, maybe a bit tighter, he's... reading off to her. Something more than her just being here for months. "Is everything all right?"
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He looks at her hard trying to decide if he should tell her the truth or not. He'd beg her never to leave this place, to never leave him again and is that really fair. He decides that just this once it's better to lie then make Clara think about what might happen "I lost you," he says trying for a cheerful air, "you decided it was time to stop adventuring and left your Clever Boy behind. Just happened before I came here actually. Still dealing with it."

He pulls away and starts poking around, sniffing books, flipping pages anything to avoid looking at her while he gathers his emotions back up.

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He lost her? So... he had noticed she was gone. Was that it? Only... as he says that lie, that oh o very clear lie, she feels her heart ache. She... decided to stop adventuring with him? Left him behind? Left him behind and chose to what? Go live a normal life? What the heck happened that would make HER of all people choose to NOT be with him. To go one alone? the Impossible girl, who had been there for all his lives in one way or another. What would make her say she was done?

She watched him try to be cheerful. He was always so bad at forcing cheer. She watched him flip through a book, as if he were stalling.

She stared at him, unsure if she wanted to call him on the lie or not.

He could have said anything.

He could have said he lost her on a planet somewhere. Or that she was trapped somewhere and he was still trying to figure it out.

He could have said that she had died and she would believe it more than that.

Instead he said she left him, and she can't imagine, in any way shape or form, that she would ever say that. That the choice was even possible. The only way she would stop adventuring with him was if it was beyond her control.

With out realizing it, she raised a hand to wipe away a tear, swiftly, so he might not see.

"No..." She said in a tight voice, suddenly feeling mad about this. Moving to come up to his side, looking up at him annoyed. "No. You don't tell me I left you like that. You know I would never say that. You know the only way you're getting ride of me is if YOU can't actually save me, or keep me, or that something happens. You don't get to tell me that I just up and said that I was done. If that's the case, and I walked off. You. You go suck it up and go find me. You go find me and tell me you're sorry for what ever sodden reason I would even consider that. Either you go back and fix it, what ever god awful things that made me walk away, or you try another lie. Anything but that one."

Because if she could help it, she would never leave him alone. Here... here she just thought she was missing. Here she thought he just couldn't find her. 'I lost you' he said. He could have stuck with that. He could have left it at that. She could have reassured him that she had just been here. She had just been here and she was so glad to see him again. No, him saying she left him, saying something she was so sure she would never do on purpose? It made her wonder if he realized she was missing, here, at all. There was something else.

She reached up and pushed at her cheek again, stupid tears. "I don't even care if you lie, but not that one. Never that one."
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Oh his Impossible Girl never one to let him wallow or force emotion where he didn't feel it. He wished she'd made him a card for this because he doesn't know what to do right now to make things better. If she learns the truth will she judge him for being unable to save her. Will she hate Me for the choices she made to save her people or will she understand? How do you tell someone you love their death broke you?

He swallows and he can't help the tears that gather in his own eyes. "You died," he says roughly. "you died and there is no card that will make saying that better, because it will never be better. You are gone and I hate whoever did it."

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That hit her hard.

She paused, just staring, wide eyed. Okay, she hadn't expected him to say that, but... she believed it a lot more than what he said before.

For all of a moment she looked startled, scared and confused all at once. But then she gave a nod, like she accepted that. Her heart hurt, thinking that she had died at last. That she left him, alone. Taking in a breath though, she settled back into a relaxed stance, arms crossing.

"I died." She repeated, frowning. Then... nodded. Yes, she accepted that, not happily, but still. "There is no card for that. I don't need a card for that." She came closer, looking up at him, tears in his eyes. She hurt him by dying. She hates that. Reaching a hand out to touch his cheek she watched him so carefully. "I'm Sorry."
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"The card isn't for you," the Doctor says, "it's for me. You made me cards for when I don't get things right...when I don't say the right things to people." With a shaking hand he pulled a stack of index cards out of his pockets. One them are various things to say in certain situations. He holds them out to her. "You got tired of having to prompt me to say the right things so you just wrote some of them down on cards."

He is reluctant to let them go given they are the last things he has of the Clara he just lost, but she needs to understand how much he is hurting and how sorry he is. He needs an action to describe how he feels because he can't say it.

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Oh. She understood now. Looking at the cards he handed out to her she frowned at them.

She had thought of the idea before. Wanted to make him 'care cards' to help him stop and think before he said something mean. An attempt to make him not so... nasty in some situations. For her though, she hadn't actually made the cards yet. Flash cards, easy to carry. Aparently she went through with it.

But there wasn't one to help him. "I haven't made these yet, but I had been thinking about it recently. Aparently I went through with it." She said softly, flipping through them. She pauses on one, puts it on top, and turns it around.

It's the 'I'm so sorry for your loss. I will do all that I can to solve the death of your friend/family member/pet' card. In a soft voice she read the card to him with out looking at it. "I am so sorry for your loss. I will do all that I can to make it up to you now that you are here." She said, running a hand under one eye to clear away an offending tear. "Which isn't much, is it? I must have done something terribly foolish..."
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He manages a smile for her again. "You did the bravest thing you could ever have done," he says softly, "you saved a life by giving up your own. I was so proud of you Clara...my Clara. I just...I wasn't ready to let you go. I knew it was coming, but I wasn't ready."

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He gave her a smile, and said she gave up her life. gave up her life for someone else. That he was proud. Something caught in her throat as she tried to be brave about this. Be brave. She sniffed once, standing taller if she could, trying not to just be weak about this.

"Well..." She pushed a smile on her face as well. "We all knew it would happen, some day. I just... hoped I'd be a old lady when it did. But, I suppose after everything else..." with Danny and all... "that is makes sense." She knows she's been a bit more reckless. "But..." she sucked in a breath, hardening her heart a bit more as she tried to smile better for him. "You got to promise, to look for some one else. After a bit. The Doctor needs a companion, no matter how badly it hurts to lose them in the end. Don't be alone." She said firmly.
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The Doctor wishes he could say that it would easy, that he could run and find someone else, but something had shattered in his soul when Clara had died. She'd been his better half, his everything and he wanted her never to leave. But she had left and his hearts were broken. "No," he said, "if we stay here you never have to die. You never have to leave me. and I can stay with you. Who needs at TARDIS when we have magical books."

The Doctor has returned to his manic self. excited and full of energy. "The Doctor and Clara saving bedtime stories."

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Her head tilted a bit, and the look that crossed her face was a bit sad, though she smiled softly through it. He was willing to stay here for as long as he could for her? She really wished he'd do what he does though. Be a Doctor. Go save planets and people. How can he do that if he's hiding here? Here with her. Maybe for a bit she can be stingy, so she smiled a bit stronger.

"I still have some time back home, don't I? Maybe I can visit a bit later. After all, there are adventures I am missing that you had with me. Right?" She teased, but then nodded, firmly. "For now, lets save bedtime stories."

She glanced to the snowy mess in here though. "And you've already got a good start on it, even if you thought it was something else."
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"Yes," the Doctor says, "thought I should ask you when the last time we were together was. We saw the Zygons again that was fun. And sand demons...well I think they were sand demons. Sleep sand demons." He looks at her and there is a deep sadness there, one that is never going to go away, because he knows what happens to her. The curse of a time traveler the knowing. when you lose someone.

He looks around at the snowy shelves "I thought it was the people who hurt you. Don't remember saying yes to anything. Too angry."

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When was the last time? She smiled softly at that, moving in beside him to look her hand to the crook of his arm. "Christmas. You helped me say good bye to Danny. Honestly, when I ended up here I was a bit worried that this was another dream. Dream Crabs, do you remember them? How long has it been for you since that last Christmas?"

Angry. He was too angry to help someone asking to be saved. That... was a mixed feeling, both of pain that it came to that, but a bit of pride that he would be so angry for her. She hugged his arm for a moment, sorry, if you don't do hugs, Doctor. "No one has hurt me yet, and the Librarians here are good. I am sorry though, that... it has made you so angry."
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Oh that Christmas. It seems so far away now when he and Clara were children running into the TARDIS like the adventure would never stop. "Yes I remember that Christmas," he says, "we met Santa only it wasn't Santa and he saved us. Saved you." He smiles slightly, "One of the better Christmas' I'd had in a while, because I was with you and nothing else mattered."

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Just going with these threads as timey whimey, unless you rather work around that.

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Yes, that Christmas. She gave him a smile as he said he remembered it. It's in his eyes though. That was a long time ago for him. His eyes are older. More so then when his last face was much older, a Christmas before Last Christmas.

"It was one of the better Christmas's for me as well. Though not as long ago as it was for you." She can tell. Even after what he's just told her, she can tell it's been a while. "I've missed you, ya old fool. You took your time getting here." Trying to find better topics, better subjects, but after hearing all this, how do you find 'better' huh?
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That works for me!

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The Doctor just gave Clara a look, one of his deep searching looks that said everything without him having to say anything at all. "I missed you too my Impossible Girl," he replies his tone gentle and still sad. He was beginning to realize that he and Clara had a dangerous connection that could either bring them closer together or tear them apart and he wasn't sure what move to make next.

"I finally decided to listen I suppose," he replied.